115 years of passion - 70 years of AGV and 45 years of Dainese

The Italian company AGV was founded in 1947 as a manufacturer of helmets for motorcycle use.
The name of the company was made up from the initials of the founder Amisano Gino and from Valenza, the city where its headquarters were initially located;
Right from the start it proved to be a high-end company and managed to hook to its brand illustrious names of pilots such as Giacomo Agostini and Fausto Gresini.
It knows also how to establish itself strongly in other sports such as skiing and Formula 1 and in 1988 it added to its market the production of motocross helmets, with the new MDS brand.
Thanks to the solid union between the company and Valentino Rossi, founded in 1996, the sponsorship and brand name goes through the roof, confirming itself as a guarantee of quality and reliability.
In 2007 AGV was acquired by Dainese, while keeping the brand unchanged.
The Dainese company, was founded about 30 years later in 1972, in Molvena (Vicenza) thanks to the intuition of Lino Dainese who began to produce leather pants for motocross, but also protective clothing for sports such as cycling, skiing and horse riding.

Over the next few years, Dainese introduced the first protections into the world of motorcycling:
– in 1978 the spinal one (back protector)
– in 1980 reinforced knee pads (soaps)
– in 1986 hump in track suit
– in 1995 gloves with Carbon kevlar protections
– in 2007 Marco Simoncelli wears the first D-air airbag, integrated into the suit.

This is the year in which these two Italian brands, famous all over the world, celebrate 115 years of evolution, challenges and goals.
With its 70 years AGV has accompanied legendary champions and timeless drivers on the track; In 45 years of life, Dainese has been able to push the technology of its products beyond its borders, becoming a true innovator and driving new ideas.

Excellences of our country that make Italian motorcyclists and fans of all sports proud.

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